Vizio VUR10 Remote Controls

Vizio VUR10 Replacement Remote Control

Buy a Brand New Vizio VUR10 Remote Control for the lowest price you can find on the web. The Vizio VUR10 Big Screen TV Remote Control is an original remote control, meaning it should work right out of the box with your TV.

Additional Remote Modelnumber: 0980-0306-0005

TV Remote Control

Vizio VUR10 Works With:

Vizio SV422XVT TV Vizio XVT323SV TV
Vizio SV472XVT TV Vizio XVT373SV TV
Vizio VF552XVT TV Vizio XVT423SV TV
Vizio M470NV TV Vizio XVT473SV TV
Vizio M550NV TV Vizio XVT553SV TV